February & March, 2021


FEBRUARY 21, 2021

Devotion was led by Ellie Menz.

President Ellie call the meeting to order.

Treasurer’s report:  No report. Ellie said IWD LWML leaders are encouraging a focus on mite collections.  Mites in the Boone Zone as well as IWD are down.  The national goal for mites has been met, however!  Praise God!  Mite focus for February is Orphan Grain Train.

Secretary’s report:  No report. Ellie highlighted some of last month’s discussion.  Thanks to all who supported the valentine project for Trinity’s care facility residents as well as college students.  Boxes were sent to eight students.  Ellie posted photos on the bulletin board of the Trinity shut-ins gift bags and college outreaches.  Our society received a thank-you note from Bev Luft.

Discussion followed about a possible Women’s Day Out—road trip to Algona.  Positive response.  The quilters there work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They have invited us to have lunch with them, as well as get a tour of their ministry.  Maybe May or June, with a 10 am departure time.  Also get in a side trip to see the German POW-built museum, also at Algona.

Easter:  There will not be an Easter breakfast this year due to pandemic

Confirmation gifts:  Confirmation is on Palm Sunday.  Ellie shared what was purchased for confirmands last year.  She will order from Printer’s Box soon. There are eight confirmands.

High school graduating seniors gifts:  2-3 students

Seminarian our society is sponsoring:  Second year student Alex Smith from Zion-Denison.  smithale@csl.edu     Treasurer Elizabeth Graham will be sending in the $500 sponsorship for his support.

Ellie shared a list of school supplies that are needed at Moulton Elementary in Des Moines. Suggestions:  Use Thrivent debit gift cards to buy the supplies, or promote collecting one of the items each month.

Additional notes:

Janet Smith, Thrivent representative, will be at Trinity on April 25.  Let Pastor know if you are a Thrivent member.  Each Thrivent member can get up to two $250 debit cards to use for mission work.

Erin Mackenzie, serving in the Dominican Republic, will be visiting Trinity on September 26.  Hertels will provide housing for Erin.  MOP will provide a meal if pandemic precautions will allow.

Remember the LWML IWD’s fundraising project of collecting printer cartridges and technology items for recycling.

Next meeting:  March 21 at 8:15 a.m.

Submitted by Cheryl Robson




MARCH 21, 2021

Devotion from Beautiful Word based on Psalm 91:1 was led by Margaret Martens. 

Margaret called the meeting to order.

Treasurer’s Report:  Elizabeth Graham reported a checking account balance of $156.59, with zone mites of $90 and local mite donations of $35. Alex Smith from Zion-Denison is a second year St. Louis Seminary student.  Elizabeth has sent in $500 for our sponsorship for him.  Contact Alex at smithale@csl.edu

Mite focus for March:  Financial aid for IDW students pursuing full time church work at a Concordia University.

LWR:  There has been a national LWML discussion about LWR, or Lutheran World Relief, losing its RSO status from LCMS.  Ellie contacted Dorothy Krans, director of RSO in LCMS and she said there is a misunderstanding because LWR never has had RSO status.  Quilts can still be sent to LWR, to Orphan Grain Train, Ioway or to whomever the quilters decide to give them.

Thank you to Darla Johnson, Lois Brant, Sue Rieder and Cheryl Robson for assisting with serving at the Boone Zone Pastor’s meeting here at Trinity on March 2.  (Pastor Dennis did the cooking and baking!)

Margaret asked who had recently ordered Lutheran Women’s Quarterly subscriptions? Eight women requested these, and Trinity is getting two extra copies (ten total) for no extra cost.  Q: Does Colleen have a list of names to whom these should be distributed?  Margaret also mentioned possibly hosting a women’s bible study, using a study from LWQ at our regular meeting time, but on a Sunday other than the third Sunday—possibly the fourth Sunday? 

The Boone Zone Spring Rally is scheduled for IN PERSON (!!) at Christ-Bouton on May 1. There will be coffee, but no noon meal. Speaker will be from LFS, presenting about mental health in the age of a pandemic. 

Boone Zone Fall Rally:  is scheduled for Trinity-Jefferson on October 9, 2021.  We need to organize a speaker or a service project.  Margaret suggested Pastor Keith Haney, the new Mission Executive for Iowa District West, to be the speaker.  There was enthusiastic response for this suggestion.  We will also need to decide on table decorations and a menu at a later time.

IWD LWML Convention at Camp Okoboji:  Boone and Carroll Zones are hosting the convention so please mark your calendars and save June 16-18, 2022.  Elizabeth will attend as a YWR representing the Boone Zone.  BTW, Elizabeth is also going to the LWML National Convention in Lexington, KY this year as a YWR representing IWD.

Confirmation gifts:  Ellie purchased from Printer’s Box—on the back of each cross is the confirmand’s name and their verse.  Cost: $90.31 for eight gifts.

High school graduating senior gifts:  two will be needed

Valentine project from February for Trinity care facility residents and college students:  Darla reported that donations totaled $290.  Expenses totaled $129, so approximately $160 remains.  Suggestion to maybe prepare some gifts for this spring for care facility residents? 

Sue mentioned that she would welcome any help in the kitchen for cleaning cabinets, as well as discarding unneeded items. 

Additional notes: 

Dr. Thomas J. Egger has been called as the next president of Concordia Seminary.

A possible “Women’s Day Out”--road trip to Trinity-Algona with a visit to the German POW- built museum there—a Tuesday or Thursday in May or June--tabled for now.

Janet Smith, Thrivent representative, will visit Trinity on April 25.  Let Pastor know if you are a Thrivent member.

Erin Mackenzie, serving in the Dominican Republic, will be visiting Trinity on September 26.  Hertels will provide housing for Erin.  MOP will provide a meal if pandemic precautions will allow.

Pat Benitz reported that she had received an update note from Madonna Woodley, also mentioning son Fred.

Cheryl led an activity on idioms.

Next meeting:  April 18th at 8:15 a.m.

Submitted by Cheryl Robson