(MOP) Mission/Outreach/Parish Fellowship Board Report

The three boards are planning to work together in an effort to accomplish more in our outreach to Trinity Lutheran Church, our community, state, country and internationally.

We met on January 17 and laid out our basic goals for the year.  Things will change but the following are some of our current plans.

One of our main goals is to increase awareness for the amazing opportunities God has given us to reach out and make a difference in our community and world.  One way is to have a ‘Mission Minute’ the first Sunday of each month.  We will be introducing by DVD, three missionaries who we will be sponsoring. We will be supporting Pastor and Mrs. Rickman and their four children serving in Asia, Pastor Gaugert serving in Togo, West Africa and Deaconess Duke and husband in Lima, Peru with offerings that we receive each ‘Mission Sunday’ (first Sunday of the month).

You will hear more about that later, but first let’s focus on our TLC missionary, Adam Pedersen.  Adam will be serving in Hong Kong in February!  On February 4, Adam will be commissioned to serve and at the end of the service, he will be sharing what he will be doing in Hong Kong.  There will be a ‘door offering’ to help with his expenses.

On February 14, Ash Wednesday, our joint committees will be serving a delicious meal of chicken and chili soup, cheese and crackers and yummy Valentine bars.  What a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as we focus on the love Jesus shares with us!


April: Lynn and Ellie Menz will be sharing about their trip to the two LCMS churches in Puerto Rico.

May:  Take cookies and/or bars to the hospital and schools for Hospital Appreciation Week and/or Teacher’s Appreciation Week.

June:  Church service at Spring Lake, potluck meal and fun family games at the lake.

July 29:  Gary Thies, Mission Central, Mapleton IA will be speaking at TLC service and Bible Class.  We will begin the day by serving an 8:30 AM breakfast.

August 5: Missionary Gaugert will speak at TLC in evening.  We will have a delicious meal.

August:  Possible road trip to Mission Central

September 30: Family Fun Festival at Seven Hills Park

October:  Firemen and Police Appreciation Meal

November 17: Possible road trip to Sioux City to pack meals for the hungry.  


We are praying for God’s guidance and direction as we make plans to serve Him by serving others. 

God’s Blessings, Ellie Menz