Elder’s Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2020


Trinity’s Elders met in person at 6:30 pm in the church lounge using social distancing procedures. Those present included: Denny Merritt, Terry Johnson, Scott Graham, Lynn Menz and Pastor Dennis.  Kyle Kinne was absent.

Pastor opened with a short devotional followed by a time of sharing as we described how the conditions within our nation are affecting us individually. We discussed the continuing pandemic, rioting and looting around the country and the political unrest. We discovered we had similar thoughts, feelings and concerns. 

As far as business is concerned, the church council decided we should wait until July to begin serving the Lord’s Supper again so we discussed possible scenarios as to how that will be accomplished. There will be communion on July 5th and 19th. The elders will work together with pastor to make the distribution as safe as possible. We will use gloves and masks during the distribution. Those wishing to commune will come forward using social distancing procedures.

For the past years, Trinity has had a Sunday service in the shelter house at Spring Lake but it will not be held this year.

Confirmation will happen soon, we hope, as the virus conditions improve and it is deemed safe. Scott agreed to contact the families involved and get their input on that service. 

Pastor is planning to do the children’s annual back to school backpack blessing once we know when school will be resuming in the fall.

The MOP outreach to church members who are considered critical workers within the community during this pandemic was noted as well as Ellie Menz’s outreach on behalf of Trinity to the latest Covid-19 family in Scranton.

Our next scheduled meeting will be July 14th.

We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


Minutes submitted by Lynn Menz




                                                        CHURCH COUNCIL MINUTES

                                                                        May 20, 2020

Trinity Lutheran Church Council met on 5/20 and the meeting was called to order at 7:06. Pastor led us in a devotion speaking on giving thanks with passages.

Pastor gave his report on worship and the changes that may be seen come June. Many congregations are beginning services at the church in June. When to begin communion was discussed. Terry moved for communion to be discontinued at Trinity at this time. Connie seconds the motion and it was passed to discontinue communion at this time until we can commune together as a body together. The “Red Letter” Bible study is set to begin in July 1. This is a 40 day devotion- a reminder to let Margaret know if you would like a book soon so they can be ordered in time- Dave moves to have members sign up for Bible study and Trinity will be purchasing the books with free will donations being accepted. Denny seconded and the motion passed. 

Al Robson gave the Treasurers Report- Currently Trinity is still under budget with the COVID-19 Pandemic not allowing members to meet for Sunday worship. Al shared as of Dec 2019 the cash balance was $58585.00, March 18, 2020- $54118.00 and May 2020- $56083.00; offering currently at 33.2% of the budget. Lynn moves and Dave seconds the report with all in favor. 

Reporting Boards

Board of Elders- There have been 3 phone meetings to stay connected during the shutdown to stay in touch with the districts wishes. Meals (frozen) have become available at Trinity, please reach out to a member if you are in need; this has become an additional outreach program provided. There was a recommendation from the Elders to discontinue the offering figures on a bulletin. Those figures will be shared with congregation members in the council members and thru Darla’s notes. 

No Trustees are here to report. 

Board of Elders- VBS material have been ordered; the decision is still on the table for when and if VBS can be held this year.  Currently plans are to postpone from our current June date. 

No individual Parish Fellowship report; Ellie reported for MOP. Masks have been donated to Regency, GCMC, Storm Lake Nursing and Hospital as well as Perry Lutheran Home. Masks for community members in Greene County, “Cover Greene County”, will be held Thursday, May 21st- TLC parking lot at 5-6:30. There are approx. 300 masks to pass out. Reminder that there are frozen lasagnas and cookies available for those in need- please contact Ellie if you know someone in need. Easter packets were also donated to 39 residents at Regency in Jefferson. 

Talents & Gifts- the By Laws have been reviewed with  plans to dissolve this committee now with Darla’s position. A reminder from Darla to fill out the Spiritual Gifts survey- she will be sending the link out again. 

Old Business

Kitchen Remodel- The first meeting to be held following COVID-19 will in hope bring forward the priority list. It’s been suggested to do a matching format with the Church and the congregation in matching. More information will be available following their meeting. 

No New Business

Pastor dismissed the council leading us in the Lord’s Prayer at 8:21