Sunday, February 25:        Second Sunday in Lent           

                                              9:30 am   Divine Service

                                            10:30 am   Lutheran ½ Hour

                                            10:30 am   Sunday School

                                            11:00 am   Christian Growth     



Wednesday February 28: 10:30 am   Bible Study

                                              4:00 pm   Bells

                                              5:30 pm   Quilters

                                              6:00 pm   Choir practice           

                                     5:00-6:30 pm   Lenten Supper

                                     5:30-6:30 pm   Confirmation

                                     7:00-7:30 pm   Lenten Worship


Sunday, March 4:        Third Sunday in Lent        

                                              9:30 am   Divine Service with communion

                                            10:30 am   Lutheran ½ Hour

                                            10:30 am   Sunday School

                                            11:00 am   Christian Growth     


Church Notes for February 25, 2018


Sunday School: February 25 Lesson 6 Dorcas: In the life of Dorcas, we see that God leads us to do good works that glorify Him and point others to the saving light of Christ!


Parenting Class: TLC will be offering a parenting class to our members. It will be held one Sunday morning per month during the Christian Growth time (in a separate space). Karen Gotto from Lutheran Family Service will be the facilitator. Please let Margaret Martens know if you are interested.


Weekly Lenten Schedule:

Wednesdays: 5:00 – 6:45 pm Lenten Supper 
                        (Feb 28 / March 7, 14, 21)

Lenten Worship 7:00 – 7:30 pm
                        (Feb 28 / March 7, 14, 21)


Wednesday 10:30 am Bible Study: Beginning Wednesday the 28th we will begin a new video/ discussion series on “How We Got the Bible” narrated by Dr. Paul Maier. Everyone who can is invited to come and grow in faith as we study God’s Word together.


Hand Bell Practice: February 28th @ 4:00 pm, and March 14th @ 4:00 pm after Lenten Services, and March 28th @ 4:00.


Church Calendar: For any church related activities that need to put on our TLC church calendar, please submit them to Colleen at or call her at 386-3517. Thank you.


A Big Thanks: Lois Brant wants to thank everyone for their prayers and cards which have been a real blessing to her as she continues to recover from her surgeries.


Our Kids, Our Future-Greene County: Mary Pedersen, Keith Pedersen’s wife, who is on this groups events committee would like to help answer any questions you might have on this upcoming bond issue. Please contact the church office and let us know if you are interested in having Mary contact you. If several are interested she is willing to give her PowerPoint presentation here at the church at our convenience.


The Lutheran Witness: Renewals for The Lutheran Witness are being sent February 28th. So far, the TLC office has received 4 renewals, 1 new subscription and 1 cancellation. An additional 9 from last year have yet to respond. The yearly cost for The Lutheran Witness is $22.70. 


Healthy Families: As many as 1 in 3 Americans admit to frequent periods of loneliness. Not just occasional loneliness – FREQUENT loneliness. Who do you know who might be feeling lonely? Jesus promises, “I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Find time this week to share these words of encouragement and your company with someone who is lonely. “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” (Gal 6:2)   Lutheran Family Service


Life Thought in the Church Year for February 25 – Lent II: Some among us seek to sidestep suffering by being ashamed of Jesus’ words (Mark 8:32, 38) about life issues. But sharing in His cross has a hopeful purpose because it leads to eternal life (Mark 8:31, 35). Christ prevails with grace for those who are weak (Romans 5:6). So we rejoice even in our sorrows (Romans 5:3-5) and join others in theirs. Dear Christ, take up our crosses that we may ease the burdens of the weak. Amen.





Counters: Rod & Sherry Graven

Acolytes: Dylan Boude, Tia Gierstorf                            

Organist: Mark Erickson   





Ushers: DuWayne Kinne, Dick & Connie Carstens

Greeters: Al & Cheryl Robson

Readers: Scott & Elizabeth Graham

Communion: David Pedersen, Al Robson

Lutheran ½ Hour: Terry & Darla Johnson

Counters: Scott & Elizabeth Graham

Acolytes: Graci Cooklin, Autumn Consier                             

Organist: Mark Erickson