Church Notes for April 11, 2021


Today: Pastor will be starting a Bible Study after services.

Free Plastic 2-quart pitchers:  These pitchers are on the counter in the Fellowship Hall.  Help yourself!

All women of TLC are invited to a Bible study on the 4th Sunday of each month.  The study will be from the Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly magazine. Each study is just two pages in length, so we should be able to cover it from 8:15-9:15 prior to worship.  On April 25 we will look at “Life is Like Swiss Cheese.”  If you have the magazine, it is on pages 20-21.  If you don’t have the magazine, Margaret has copies of it available.  You are encouraged to complete the study prior to April 25th.  This will give us more time for sharing and discussion.  Please join us!

With the ending of the Sunday School year, and Pastor starting a Bible Study on Sundays and Parenting Matters Class resuming, we have parents of young children requesting that we try to arrange for a supervised activity time for their young children so they may attend.  Our need is for adults or older youth that would be willing to take their turn being in charge of this event.  The more we have sign up for this the fewer times these individuals would be responsible for it.  If this is something you would be interested in helping with, please let me know.

The sign-up sheet for dates you may not be able to help during May will be posted the next two weeks.  Please sign-up and let Darla know if you are not going to be available.  We had quite a few changes needing to be made after the schedule was up in April, and hopefully we can avoid this in future months.  If you are scheduled and want to change it after the schedule is poste, you are responsible for finding your own replacement and letting Darla know.  If you are scheduled and are still not comfortable being in church, please let Darla know.  Thank you everyone for your cooperation with this matter.

The Board of Education:  We are hoping to have Vacation Bible School this summer. Be watching for further announcements.

New 2021 Church Pictorial Directories are now available and in your church mail boxes.

The Remodel Project is in process.  The whole project will take several months as we wait for some materials to arrive.  Also included is an upgraded security system for the main level of the church and work on that is in progress.  The total bids of both projects are $75,000.  Any contributions from members are welcome at any time.  So far we have received about $10,000 in donations.  You can mark a check or drop off a donation at the office and designate that this is where you want the money used for. Donation envelopes are available in the lobby.  The original addition to the church was completed in 1974, almost 50 years ago with little being done to update this area since the build and it is definitely time to do those updates.

Church Worship/Activities:  Social distancing will be observed during all activities.  Pastor and Colleen will continue manning the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 8-12 Noon.  If you need assistance any other time, you can reach Pastor at 515-370-4809 or Darla at 515-370-1479.

During this time of uncertainty, please continue to use good judgment and continue to pray for our nation and its people as we call on the Lord to help us remain patient as He works out the details of healing us.

Remember our Elderly members:  Give them a call, send them a cheerful card or offer to run errands for them.  Darla has a list of these people with contact information., They really appreciate that their church family is thinking of them and are willing to help out if needed. Darla has a list of these people with contact information.  For those of you who are in the high-risk group and have a need for help in any way, please contact Darla.

April 18:         Greeter:  Dick Fairclough

                        Communion:  Denny Merritt and Dan Benitz

                        Reader:  Pat Benitz