Trinity Lutheran Church Council 1/17/2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Scott Graham.  Pastor Dennis led the council with a daily devotion for today called Jesus Calling.

Those in attendance were:  Scott Graham, Mark Erickson, Dick Fairclough, Lynn Menz, David Pedersen, Pastor Dennis, Cheryl Robson, Melissa Barrett, Sarah Erickson, Pat Griffin, Al Robson, Nina Mc Donald, Ruth Consier, Anne Carstens, Kathy Milligan, Ellie Menz, Jodi  Frederick, Caryn Hane and Linda Thede

The board minutes from the November meeting were approved with a motion from Al Robson and seconded by Dick Fairclough.  All were in favor.

Reporting Boards as follows:

Elders: Affirmation of Faith Sunday, January 28, 2018; Office position received two applicants and will be discussed next week.  Pastor Dennis discussed creating a black/white directory which he will start in the summer.  When Pastor is ready to receive photos he will let the congregation know.  Lynn Menz has prepared the history of the church and would like people to look it over.  If he has omitted something, please let him know and submit the information to Lynn Menz .  Lynn also needs February newsletter information by 1/20/2018.  Pastor Dennis talked about Arc Food Bank and at this time they need monetary donations.    

Christian Education:  Will meet next week and decide who the chair will be.  2017 Christmas Program was a lot of fun and was last done in 2005.  Bible Bowl will be February 4, 2018.  There will be a sign-up sheet for snacks on the rolling board.   This is a great way for youth to share what they have learned.  Discussion of the fish bowl for children donations in church was all positive and the children enjoyed giving their donations.

Trustees:  Not reporting at this time

Member & Community Outreach: Chair, Nina Mc Donald.  Ellie discussed that email needs to be updated so everyone is receiving church information.  Pat shared that information sheets will be placed in mailboxes Sunday, January 21st for members to update their personal information.  This information will be shared, so hopefully email lists are updated.  Pastor Dennis gave the Lenten Luncheon date as Wednesday, February 28, 2018 from 12:15-12:45. Other save the dates are: 6/2018 Spring Lake, 7/29/2018 Gary Thies , 8/5/2018 Missionary, 9/30/2018 Fall Festival.

Missions: Chair, Ellie Menz.  Ellie discussed that Outreach, Missions and Fellowship often overlap.  Working together they have a large group of 12 people and can get more done.  Adam Pederson, will be speaking about his trip to Hong Kong on 2/4/2018.  There was discussion on having a Mission Sunday monthly and donations would be given to the 3 missionaries. 

Parish Fellowship: Chair, Connie Carstens.  Ash Wednesday, February 14, 2018 the committee will be hosting a meal of chili, chicken soup and bars for approximately 50 people.

Stewardship, Talents & Gifts:  Chair, Lois Brant. 

Other Board, Committees and Auxiliaries

Trost Music:  Mark, Ruth, Rita and Melissa reported at this time there are no needs in children’s music.  David shared that the donor had three desires: garden, history of the church and music. 

Historic Cabinet:  Dan Benitz will build the cabinet, but he does not want to put a glass door on the front.  The council voted to have a glass door, so at this time no decision has been made yet.

Old Business:

Suggestion Box: Many people put suggestions into the box.  BINGO was from the suggestion box.  Ruth reported that another suggestion was baking and it was disappointing when preparation was made to have baking, but no one attended.  Scott suggested that having events at different times makes it difficult for people to attend, but having a consecutive date might help events be successful.  The goal of the box was to find out what interest people have.   It was discussed that forms need to be more detailed for suggestions to be successful.  Lois is planning something with gardening.

New Business:  Convention at Okoboji, Iowa.  June 24-26, 2018.  Chair, Pastor  Dennis.  Lay delegate, Dick Fairclough, alternate, Lynn Menz.    Pat reported that he thought the Christmas tree was out of place and blocked the bells, choir and altar.  Pastor Dennis discussed when the Power Point fabric screens are purchased and installed, they will go back further.  When this is complete a decision can be made what type of Christmas tree would be appropriate for the church.

Financial Reports:

Budget Committee: Dick Fairclough, nothing to report

Financial Report: Pat Griffin reviewed the yearly financials and currently Trinity has had a good year.  The church is sound financially.  It was moved by Melissa Barrett and seconded by Nina McDonald to approve the report.  All were in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm with all attendees reciting the Lord’s Prayer.