The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Scott Graham at 11:05 am after Luther Half Hour.  The meeting was held in the Fellowship Hall.  Pastor Martens lead us in an opening prayer.

A registration sheet was passed to allow those attending to register.  Thirty-one people registered.  This was an increase from twenty-four the previous year.

Trisha Easton moved to approve last year’s annual meeting minutes.  Cheryl Robson seconded the motion.  Minutes were available to review at the meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.  The 2018 minutes will be available to pick up starting December 9, 2018.

Dick Fairclough gave the report from the nominating committee.  The nominee’s names were read for the positions.  Names were requested from the floor.  There were no nominations from the floor.  All positions were filled prior to the meeting. 

**        Indicates a new person to the position

##        Indicates re-elected to second term for the position

Chairman:         ** Dick Fairclough                Vice-Chair       ** Matt Carstens

Secretary:          ** Melissa Barrett

                          Appointed positions are:

Treasurer:          Pat Griffin                 Financial Secretary:    David Pedersen

Board of Elders – 6:

                          David Pedersen                                             ** Dennis Merritt

                          Kyle Kinne                                                    ## Lynn Menz

                          ** Terry Johnson                                           ## Trent Gierstorf

Board of Trustees – 6:

                          ** Adam Pedersen                                        ## Dennis Thede

                          Garry Higgins                                                Jack Fredrickson

Board of Christian Education – 4:

                          ## Cheryl Robson                                         ## Jodi Frederick

                          Melissa Barrett                                              ## Val Gierstor

Board of Members and Community Outreach – 4:

                          Anne Carstens                                               Jane Finch

                          Kathy Milligan                                               Nina McDonald

Board of Missions – 4:

                          Ellie Menz                                                     Janie Hertel

                          Mary Merritt                                                  Ruth Consier

Board of Parish Fellowship – 4:

                          Caryn Hane                                                   ** Elizabeth Graham

                          ## Sarah Erickson                                         Tammy Brophy

Board of Talents, Gifts and Stewardship – 2:

                          ## Lois Brant                                                 Mark Erickson

                          Darla Johnson as an Appointed Position Member

David Pedersen made the motion that all nominated positions be filled as written and that a unanimous vote be made.  Garry Higgins seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Pat Griffin gave the Financial Report.  Current available cash is up from the previous year.  The Church is blessed to have no debt.  The proposed budget for 2019 was discussed.  An item notes was taking $61,000 from savings to pay for expenses.  That was broken down to $55,000 roof replacement, $4,000 for the Youth trip to the National Convention in Minneapolis this summer and $2,000 memorial money being spent.  A discussion was also held on the TEAM account.  With the money from savings, the total income is $286,030 and total expenses are $285,688 for a net budgeted balance of $342.  Terry Johnson made the motion to approve the budget presented and Jack Fredrickson seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Pastor gave praise and thanks to all the members of TLC for their efforts in spreading the word.  TLC is now seen as a place of HOME for people.  He asked that through the Lord’s Blessings the feeling may continue to grow.

Garry Higgins moved to close the meeting and Jack Fredrickson seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.

Scott Graham lead us in the Lord’s Prayer for closing.

Respectfully submitted:

Pat Griffin, Treasurer


Trinity Lutheran Church Council Meeting November 14, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Scott Graham at 7:05 pm.  Opening Devotion was read from Portal of Prayer called The Father’sLove by Pastor Martin.  Those in attendance were Dennis Thede, Linda Thede, Scott Graham, Sarah Erickson, Ellie Menz, Lynn Menz, Darla Johnston, Dick Fairclough, Pat Griffin, Nina McDonald, Melissa Barrett, David Pedersen, Connie Carstens, Cheryl Robson, Jack Fredrickson, Garry Higgins, Al Robson

Elders: Lynn Menz reported there are many new people attending Trinity.  Due to the children’s program communion will not be given until 12/30/2018.  The Eternal Flame was taken down and Garry Higgins and his wife have worked hard to clean and repair the Eternal Flame.  It will be rehung and in working condition.  The youth are advancing the slides in the balcony and David Pederson will discuss with them that they are a very important part of the service and making sure the slides are correct for the congregation.

Pastor’s Report: Pastor shared to always witness and be a part of the community. He is excited that past members are returning to Trinity.  Pastor would like after the first of the year to plan  a TEAM Building activity to get to know members of Trinity in Fort Dodge led by Pastor Max Phillips. Please let Pastor know if you are interested.

Christian Education:  Melissa Barrett reported that they are working on the Christmas program which will be held December 16th at 9:30 am.  The theme is The Signs of Christmas.  This program will be not be the traditional program and many children will be performing solos in singing and dance.  Jesus’ Birthday Party of cake and ice cream will be served after the program.

Trustees:  Garry Higgins reported that Mike Compton will be leaving the Trustees and Adam Pederson will be replacing him.  An energy audit will be done on the church on November 20th.  The drain hose and humidifier have been repaired in the basement.  The trustees approved a screen and projector for the confirmation youth to use in the classroom.  Gary will announce Sunday that anyone who has a key to let the Church know so they can make a log of who has a key.  Pat Griffin suggested to have the locks on the church changed.  Scott Graham suggested to ask about the keys, but maybe have the locks changed during the year.  Floor cleaning and carpet cleaning will be broken up to have the fellowship floor, basement and hallway done this fall, and the sanctuary, and offices cleaned in the spring of 2019.  Roof repair has been added to the budget.  Window cleaning was mentioned, but plexiglass does not allow for inside cleaning.              

Member, Missions, Community Outreach: Ellie Menz reported on the many projects they have worked on this year and Missionaries that they have sponsored. Events included Spring Lake, Bell Tower, Fall Family Festival, Devotion books to the Firemen, and 75 Boxes going across the world.  Collection was taken of $243 for Hurricane relief.  Nina shared outreach ideas of it would be fun to borrow a bus and tour the Christmas lights in Des Moines, or send Christmas cards to shut in members of Trinity.  Darla will count how many cards they need to purchase.  Connie Carstens reported Lutheran Half Hour attendance is increasing.

Stewardship, Talents and Gifts:  not reporting

Security and Saftety:  Garry Higgins reported that he will have the safety plan to present at the next meeting.

Old Business:  Scott Graham reported that the reports have been given and meetings have been held as they should be. 

New Business:  Sunday, December 2nd will be the annual voters meeting in the Fellowship hall.  Melissa Barrett volunteered that she would be with the children and not be attending the meeting.  The ballot was moved by Al Robson to be passed as it stands and seconded by Scott Graham.  Motion was approved.

Pat Griffin presented the budget and that there is a positive budget projection. Scott Graham moved for a motion to approve the budget and Lynn Menz made a motion and Melissa Barrett second.  Motion was approved.  David Pederson motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report and seconded by Scott Graham.  Motion was approved.

The next council meeting will be December 2, 2018 at 11:00 am. 

Pat Griffin volunteered to take minutes at the annual meeting.

Meeting was adjourned with all in attendance reciting the Lord’s Prayer.


TLC Elder’s Meeting July 10, 2018

Chair Menz called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Those present were Lynn Menz, Al Robson, Trent Gierstorf, David Pedersen, Pat Griffin, Pastor Dennis and invited guest, Lois Brant.

Pastor Dennis lead the group in an opening reading.

Lois Brant had requested the opportunity to talk with the Elders concerning the vacated position from which she resigned in mid-April.  Her concerns focused on informing the Elders of the importance of maintaining an active participation in Community Service Projects and representation of the Church on associated Boards.  Lois was asked to prepare for Pastor and Lynn a detailed list of projects to which she was referring.  Lois stated that going forward she will take responsibility for:

  1. Community Conversations since that is not a church-sponsored activity anyway.
  2. Greene County Clergy Secretary and Treasurer
  3. Visits to the Regency and Hospital Long-Term Care units monthly via the Fellowship Society of TLC.

Lois left the meeting and was thanked for her comments.

Pastor and Lynn will be working closely with Lois on time lines to wrap up involvement with other previous duties.  Additional discussion was held on how to proceed with the unfilled Service Opportunities Coordinator (SOC) position.  David and Al will be handling the monthly volunteers lists for now.

Pastor reported on sound, projectors and screen projects that are currently being researched.  There is a very wide array of equipment and costs.  Trustees are in charge of this project and everyone will be kept informed.

Pastor requested and it was granted for some reimbursement of his personal cell phone for Church work.

Pastor Dennis will be in Alaska parts of August 19-30.  He has arranged for Pastor Wendzel to hold Divine Services on August 5 and 26 and also September 23.

Communion Assistants were established for:

            August 5 – Trent Gierstorf and David Pedersen

            August 19 – Al Robson and Lynn Menz

            September 2 – Al Robson and Kyle Kinne

            September 16 – Pat Griffin and David Pedersen

            September 30 – Trent Gierstorf and Lynn Menz

David will make the Elder’s Report at the Council Meeting

The Members and the Elders received a Thank You from Pastor Dennis and Margaret for all each of us do to help them.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 11th, at 7:00 pm.

Lynn lead the closing with the Lord’s Prayer.

Pat Griffin, Drafted Secretary for the Night



Endowment Fund Meeting, Sunday, July 15, 2018

Attending Scott Graham, Dick Fairclough, Pat Griffin, Pastor Martens, and Linda Thede

Discussion included financials of the Endowment Fund, and going over the Endowment Fund bi-laws where it was stated that meetings should be held three times each year.  The Bi-laws stated one area the fund can be used is  for technology projects.  The current technology project for the church is the projector(s) and screens.  Pastor Martens gave costs for screens, and for both laser projectors and bulb projectors.  The committee agreed to use $7,500  from the Endowment Fund toward the purchase of a projector and a screen.   The Endowment Fund maximum amount for the technology project is $7,500 and must be used by December 31, 2018.

The next scheduled meeting for the Endowment Fund will be held Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at 7:00 pm.