Elder’s Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


The board of elders met for their monthly meeting at 6:30. Pastor Martens and all elders were present. 

Pastor led with a short devotion followed by a discussion of Pastor’s new Medicare status and he and Margaret’s decision regarding their health insurance. Al Robson, acting Trinity treasurer, was present to explain what has transpired in this regard and how it affects our budget. The net effect is that it will be less costly for Trinity now that pastor is on Medicare. The Pastor’s salary and benefits will be upgraded at budget time later this year and will follow IDW guidelines.

Communion servers were set for the remaining Sunday in August and for September. Names have been sent to Darla so they can be listed in the bulletin.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to reviewing the activities that normally happen at Trinity in light of the covid-19 challenges. Many things were briefly brought up but without knowing what the virus situation will be in coming months, it is hard to make any decisions. Our only option is to wait and see how things play out after schools are opening again.

The board of education has decided Sunday School will begin in September when students will already be together in school. Pastor will do a backpack blessing on that Sunday.

Scott Graham is working with the parents of last spring’s confirmands to get a firm date set for the official confirmation service. The date is tentatively set for September 20.

September 9th is an orientation meeting for this fall’s confirmation students. Jeff Kienast will teach the 5th and 6th grade class again this fall.

Darla will check with Nina McDonald to get her thoughts on the Fall Festival. However, she is no longer on the outreach board. Does she still want to be involved with the project she has led the past couple of years? Should it be scheduled in light of the covid-19 challenges?

Ellie was directed to check on the food we have in the freezers at church to see if we need to keep that much for anyone who needs some. She is to leave a small amount and take the rest of ARC since it will be better served that way.

The LWML retreat has been cancelled for this fall.

We closed with the Lord’s Prayer. Our next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday, September 8th.


Submitted by Lynn Menz