Trinity Church Council 5/16/2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Scott Graham.  Pastor Dennis led the council with daily devotion taken from Jesus is Calling. 

Those in attendance were:  Linda Thede, Dennis Thede, Garry Higgins, Kathy Milligan, Scott Graham, Pat Griffin, Lynn Menz, Cheryl Robson, David Pedersen, Sarah Erickson, Jodi Frederick, Ellie Menz, Connie Carstens.

Reporting Boards as follows:  The board minutes from the March meeting were approved with a motion from Dave Pedersen.  All were in favor.

Elders: Lynn Menz discussed new members.  At this time no applications have been received for the position of Service Outreach Coordinator.  This is a paid position and if anyone is interested please contact Pastor.  There have been several successful activities the men have lead.  The youth have agreed to serve and work Ragbrai.  They will serve smoked and pulled pork with coleslaw and baked beans.  The meal will open at 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm in the parking lot.  The Vendor application has been turned in and many members have donated their Thrivent dollars.  Ladies will need to discuss if making pies would be a possibility for Ragbrai.  If it is decided that pies will be made for Ragbrai, they must be made in the church kitchen.  Janie and Craig Hertel have a freezer that could be brought in to use for food storage. 

Pastor’s Report: Pastor reported Robin Consier made it to Haiti and is beginning the journey serving the Lord. Pastor has been meeting with people and praying with them.  He asked that everyone needs to love one another, listen to each other and pray.  Pastor is feeling comfortable with getting to know everyone in the congregation, and community.  There will be upcoming baptisms of Grant Walker and Mason Berry’s daughter.  Pastor Dennis will be attending Iowa District West on June 24, 2018.  Pastor will not be available here to help with Doc McCaulley’s ice cream social and sharing his faith on June 24, 2018.  Volunteers are needed to help set up for this event.    If you know of anyone in need of prayer (member or not) please let Pastor know.  

Christian Education:  Jodi Frederick reported that Vacation Bible School will be starting and needs volunteers to help in various duties. Or donate money.  Bible School starts at 5:00 pm and includes supper.  If you know of anyone that has children, please invite them to participate.  Bible school will run Sunday night through Thursday. 

Trustees:    Gary Higgins reported that he was invited to participate in a Church Security and Safety Seminar with Ellie Menz.  Trinity does not have a plan for safety.  Creating a safety plan will take time. One of the first things to consider is that the church purchases an AED, and train people how to use it.  To become certified is approximately $25 with Sheriff Jack Williams teaching the course.  Other concerns are:  1) Two doors need to have panic bars on them 2) There needs to be a safe word.  Gary suggested if Pastor sees something that does not look right he should say DLR (safe word) 3) An evacuation plan needs to be created, back ground checks, and medical professionals 4) The Church needs to create a Telephone Tree to use in times of crisis.

Garry ask the council how they wanted him to proceed with the safety plan?  Pastor suggested that Gary pursue this.  Ellie Menz volunteered to work with him. 

Scott suggested that a committee is put together to take care of all the above needs.  The Security and Safety Committee will consist of Gary Higgins, Ellie Menz, Pastor Dennis Martin, Dennis Thede, and Dennis Merritt. The committee will need to give an updated report on progress at the July Council Meeting.  Scott moved to vote on the formation of the Security and Safety Committee, motion was made by Pat Griffin with second by Lynn Menz. All were in favor.   

Ellie Menz suggested that an AED possibly be the first item to purchase.  Cheryl Robson suggested Gary Higgins get quotes on AED purchase.  Discussion was held on members in the congregation who might be certified to train on AED and CPR. 

Ellie moved to vote on the Safety and Security Committee to research and purchase an AED not to exceed $1,500.  Motion was made by Linda Thede and seconded by Gary Higgins.  Pat Griffin opposed. Motion was passed.

Church Insurance is due, and quotes are coming in from Grinnell Mutual and Brotherhood Mutual.

During Ragbrai people will be using the church to stay at, and a facility contract needs to be created with a hold harmless clause for the people staying at the church to sign. 

Member and Community Outreach: Ellie Menz reported that Group II are planning the Senior Graduation Reception on May 20th during Lutheran Half Hour for Kris Hicks, Tom Wolfe, Emily Finch, Garrett Swain and Travis Gierstrof.   

June 10 appreciation cupcake and sundae bar will be hosted/served by Group I.  The Women’s retreat will be in September with more information available later.

Missions: $1,435 was given to purchase items to give out at Trinity’s booth during Bell Tower.  Volunteers for the booth are asked to sign up on the signup sheet.  June 10th Operation Christmas Shoebox.  July 8th service will be held at Spring Lake at 10:30 followed by potluck and free skating.  The West shelter house is reserved.  Skating will be from 12:30-2:30 and will be free including skate rental.  Canoes, boating, paddle boats, etc. are $5.00 per 30 minutes. 

Parish Fellowship:  Nothing to report


Stewardship, Talents & Gifts:  Nothing to report


Other Board, Committees and Auxiliaries

Old Business:

Trost Memorial:  Money is available and at this time is tabled. Monies are to be used for music, gardening or other church needs.

Historic Cabinet:  Sarah Erickson reported that on Amazon what the Church needs is available for $132.  Redeker’s has a similar cabinet built by the Amish and the quote came back at $853.99.  The cabinet would be built out of oak.  The cabinet would be big enough to accommodate everything with room to grow.  The cabinet would have glass doors.  Ellie Menz asked for the motion to be moved, second by Gary Higgins for Sarah Erickson to purchase the cabinet at Redeker’s not to exceed $1,200.  All were in favor.

New Business

Ragbrai overnight in Jefferson, Monday, July 23rd at Trinity Lutheran Church in the Fellowship Hall.

Bell Tower Festival will be June 8-10, 2018. Ellie Menz reported the parade was discussed and many people were not able to participate, so Trinity will not participate in the parade.

Pat Griffin reported that he sent out an email about member information and was looking for feedback to give this information to the Elders.

Financial Reports:

Financial Secretary’s Report: Pat Griffin presented and reported on the financials and Trinity continues to have a good year.  

Approval of Treasurer’s report was made to approve the financials by Lynn Menz and seconded by Cheryl Robson. All were in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm with all attendees reciting the Lord’s Prayer.