TLC Elder’s Meeting

August 6, 2019

Chair David Pedersen called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Those present were: Dennis Merritt, Lynn Menz, David Pedersen, Trent Gierstorf, Kyle Kinne and Pastor Dennis.  Terry Johnson was absent.

Pastor opened with a devotion.

Pastor spoke on a few things.  He will be finishing up as Secretary/Treasurer of the IDW Pastors Conference Committee.  He discussed the importance of his vacation and thanked the Elders for it.

There will be a parent meeting for Confirmation on September 4th with confirmation starting on September 11th.  The start time will be decided by Pastor after he looks into a few things.

Jim Daubendiek has offered to possibly hosting a get-together at his property.  Lynn plans to follow up with him about it.

Pastor Wendzel will lead the service on Sunday, August 18th, as Pastor will be on vacation.

The Elders discussed Colleen’s salary.  Both Pastor and the Elders are very pleased with the job she has been doing.  The Elders recommended a raise to take effect next year due to the quality of her work.

Pastor and Margaret’s health plan was discussed.  Both of them will be meeting with Pat Griffin within a week.  Elders recommendation will be to approve the best plan determined by them.

Pastor’s salary was discussed.  It was recommended to continue to follow Iowa District West’s salary recommendation.

The question was raised about the status of the roof getting done.  Dave will inquire about it.

Communion Assistants were established for September.

                                                            September 1st – Terry and Denny

                                                            September 8th – Denny and Lynn

                                                            September 29th – David and Kyle

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 10th, at 7:00 pm.

Pastor lead the closing with the Lord’s prayer.


Kyle Kinne, Secretary