July 18, 2018 Church Council Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Scott Graham at 7:05 pm and Pastor Dennis led the council with a devotion from Acts 17, verses 27-28.

Those in attendance were:  Linda Thede, Dennis Thede, Mike Compton, Gary Higgins, Pat Griffin, Ruth Consier, Dick Fairclough, David Pedersen, Cheryl Robson, Al Robson, Janie Hertel, Pastor Dennis, Scott Graham

The board minutes from the May meeting were approved by Gary Higgins and second by Dave Pedersen.  All were in favor.

Reporting boards were as follows:

Elders:  Dave Pedersen shared that the position that Lois Brant filled is still vacant and Lois will make a list of duties and events so nothing is missed.   The church will be assigning duties to volunteers until someone fills the position of Service Opportunity Coordinator. 

Dave Pedersen discussed a recommendation to have meetings to discuss budget and goals for each board. Meeting sometime in September or October.   The next council meeting is September 19, 2018.  Dave Pedersen thought possibly September 9, 2018, due to many members are teachers. 

Pastor’s Report:  Pastor shared that Lois is fine with helping and Pastor would like to have her continue working with the funeral homes.  Lois will be discussing with the church secretary scheduling acolytes, greeters, ushers and readers.  Pastor will be absent 8/5 to a reunion and 8/19 – 8/31 to Alaska.  Pastor Wendzel will be covering both dates for Pastor while he is gone.

Board of Education: Cheryl Robson reported Bible School the week of 6/10-6/14 there were enough people that almost all the tables were full for supper.  The theme was all about water called Splash Canyon.  Twenty or so children attended.  Carol Christensen wrote to Thrivent and they sent $500 to be used towards VBS.

Trustees:  Mike Compton reported that Monday they convened and discussed the roof, lighting issues and if outside lights were working correctly.  Panic bars for a couple of the doors need to be taken care of.  They are also waiting to see what happens with the projector and screens before a decision is made in regards on the alter/cross fabric replacement.  The shingles on the fellowship and education rooms (everything west of the church) are in need to be replaced. Exhaust fans are not enough for the need of the church also needs to be looked at when work on the roof is done.

Gary Higgins discussed that the Church has changed insurance companies and now is insured by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance at a cost of $3,600 annually and their coverage is broader that what the church had before.  They thought they had a rating of A+.  Pastor shared because this company works with churches and can provide better rates.  The agent is Ed Hansen who lives between Des Moines and Indianola. The agency name is American Church Group.  The owners are both former Pastors.


Janie Hertel reported the booth at the Bell Tower was a HUGE Success! 

The service at Spring Lake there was 6 to 7 campers that attended.  The pot luck was well attended, and many stayed to enjoy skating. 

Craig and Janie Hertel hosted a missionary Erin Mackenzie, who will serve in a new missionary position in the Dominican Republic.

Missions/ Parish Fellowship: Janie Hertel reported 80 pies will be ready for Ragbrai.   Once the pies come out of the freezer there will be room for the ice cream.

9/16 Margaret Martens will be the speaker at an event at the Gallop House.

RAGBRAI Dinner will be cooked by Trent Gierstorf, Master Pork Cooker and will be serving from 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  Dinner consists of pork loin or pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw and drink $6.00.  Pie and ice cream $3.00.  Pay at the door. 

Cheryl and Al Robson will be placing advertising signs for the meal at Trinity from Coon Rapids to Jefferson.  All volunteers helping smoke meat will wear a Holy Smokers T-shirt. 

Upcoming events:

7/29: Gary Thies will speak at church and Bible class

8/4: Missionary Rickman and family will be here plus Creation Museum

8/5: Meal and Missionary Gaugert sharing his ministry in Togo, West Africa

9/30: Family Fall Fest at Seven Hills Park

Stewardship, Talents and Gifts:  not reporting at this time

History Cabinet:  The cabinet has been purchased and $170 was paid down and it was ordered.  It has not arrived yet.  The delay was color confirmation.           

Security and Safety Committee: Gary Higgins reports that the AED has been purchased and it hangs in the hallway by the coat racks.  Seven people have been trained on how to use the AED.  Scott Graham asked if training records were kept on who is trained and when.  The safe word is DLR so if Pastor says the safe word, be alert.  Background checks will be done every 2 to 3 years.  Currently a list of people who need or have background checks is available.  A few people that are working with children need to have a background check completed.  That list needs to be given to the Board of Education so those people can be notified and complete their background checks.  Ushers need to be trained in safety procedures.  Flashlights have been purchased and are available in each classroom and at the top or bottom of the stairwells. There is also one by the kitchen doorway.  Emergency water supply (5 gallon jug of water with handle) to be placed in the basement kitchen. An emergency weather radio will be placed in the church.

Endowment Committee:  The committee did meet on July 15, 2018.  Screens and projectors were the topic of discussion and the Endowment Committee decided to purchase one screen and one projector up to $7,500 and must be used by 12/31/2018. 

Old Business:

Trost Memorial:  Tabled at this time

New Business

Screens and Projectors:  Pastor Martens reported that several people went to look at both the laser and bulb projectors and Pastor brought PowerPoints to use as examples.  The visual difference was astounding!  Moving into the future in terms of investment and value, the laser projector was the better value and would be clearer to see for those with visual impairments.   

Those that went to Humboldt to see how bulb -vs- laser projectors worked:  Dennis Thede, Gary Higgins, Pastor Martens, Ralph Blaess, Dan Benitz and Jim Giese.

Scott Graham asked what else can the laser projector  be used for? Pastor answered that we will have a good base and it can be used it in many ways.  Other ways it can be used would be announcements could be scrolling before/after church, and maybe a digital sign out front.  Pastor shared that a decision from the council to determine on how to purchase the screens, projector, speakers and installation was needed.  Pastor has the exact quote for laser projector and has given a copy to the council. Pastor would like this to be completed before Christmas.  Pat Griffin and Dave Pedersen shared that this information needs to be shared with the congregation to keep them informed on improvements addressing sound, visuals and improving worship. 

Pat shared that the church is having a good year and can handle this expenditure. Dave Pedersen shared turn-around time for installation would be 30 days once the order is placed.

Scott Graham asked Pastor if there was an installation/take down break down and Pastor shared that it looks like less than $3,000 to install and take down. 

Vote on replacing equipment (screen & projector) was unanimous.

Vote on laser -vs- bulb projector.  Vote carried for Laser projector.

Vote on completing the screen and projector project: Al Robson moved to accept the $20,000 bid from Tech Zone to purchase laser projectors and screens, enhanced sound system and installation, with $7,500 from Endowment and the remainder from undesignated funds.  Seconded by Gary Higgins.  Motion carried.

The trustees will make a presentation to give to the congregation this Sunday, or next Sunday.

Financial Report: Pat Griffin reported that the church is financially sound.  Attendance and offerings are up.  It was moved by Dave Pedersen to approve the financials and seconded by Janie Hertel.  All were in favor.

The meeting was moved to be adjourned by Scott at 8:55 pm and seconded by Al Robson. All were in favor.  The meeting was adjourned following all attendees reciting the Lord’s Praye


TLC Elder’s Meeting July 10, 2018

Chair Menz called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Those present were Lynn Menz, Al Robson, Trent Gierstorf, David Pedersen, Pat Griffin, Pastor Dennis and invited guest, Lois Brant.

Pastor Dennis lead the group in an opening reading.

Lois Brant had requested the opportunity to talk with the Elders concerning the vacated position from which she resigned in mid-April.  Her concerns focused on informing the Elders of the importance of maintaining an active participation in Community Service Projects and representation of the Church on associated Boards.  Lois was asked to prepare for Pastor and Lynn a detailed list of projects to which she was referring.  Lois stated that going forward she will take responsibility for:

  1. Community Conversations since that is not a church-sponsored activity anyway.
  2. Greene County Clergy Secretary and Treasurer
  3. Visits to the Regency and Hospital Long-Term Care units monthly via the Fellowship Society of TLC.

Lois left the meeting and was thanked for her comments.

Pastor and Lynn will be working closely with Lois on time lines to wrap up involvement with other previous duties.  Additional discussion was held on how to proceed with the unfilled Service Opportunities Coordinator (SOC) position.  David and Al will be handling the monthly volunteers lists for now.

Pastor reported on sound, projectors and screen projects that are currently being researched.  There is a very wide array of equipment and costs.  Trustees are in charge of this project and everyone will be kept informed.

Pastor requested and it was granted for some reimbursement of his personal cell phone for Church work.

Pastor Dennis will be in Alaska parts of August 19-30.  He has arranged for Pastor Wendzel to hold Divine Services on August 5 and 26 and also September 23.

Communion Assistants were established for:

            August 5 – Trent Gierstorf and David Pedersen

            August 19 – Al Robson and Lynn Menz

            September 2 – Al Robson and Kyle Kinne

            September 16 – Pat Griffin and David Pedersen

            September 30 – Trent Gierstorf and Lynn Menz

David will make the Elder’s Report at the Council Meeting

The Members and the Elders received a Thank You from Pastor Dennis and Margaret for all each of us do to help them.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 11th, at 7:00 pm.

Lynn lead the closing with the Lord’s Prayer.

Pat Griffin, Drafted Secretary for the Night



Endowment Fund Meeting, Sunday, July 15, 2018

Attending Scott Graham, Dick Fairclough, Pat Griffin, Pastor Martens, and Linda Thede

Discussion included financials of the Endowment Fund, and going over the Endowment Fund bi-laws where it was stated that meetings should be held three times each year.  The Bi-laws stated one area the fund can be used is  for technology projects.  The current technology project for the church is the projector(s) and screens.  Pastor Martens gave costs for screens, and for both laser projectors and bulb projectors.  The committee agreed to use $7,500  from the Endowment Fund toward the purchase of a projector and a screen.   The Endowment Fund maximum amount for the technology project is $7,500 and must be used by December 31, 2018.

The next scheduled meeting for the Endowment Fund will be held Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at 7:00 pm.