LWML  Minutes -- January 21, 2018

  • Opening Prayer

  • Thank you, Pat Benitz, for the goodies.

  • Devotional on “Who are you like?” (Is it true that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with?)  Is Jesus one of the five on your list?

  • Treasury Report: Balance is $503.29.  Alana sent $100 to Ft Wayne for seminarian Trae Fister, $50 to the Good Samaritan Fund and $45.81 to Zone for mites. 

  • Signed and addressed 17 Valentine cards for our shut in/home bound members.  Cards are available for two weeks for Trinity members to sign.


  • Next week there will be Valentine cards for Trinity members to sign for eight college students

  • Congregational members are being asked to bring goodies for the college boxes that will be assembled on February 4 by LWML.

  • LWML’s Group 2 will be in charge of organizing and serving the Lenten Luncheon at noon on February 28.

  • Margaret Martens and Cheryl Robson will be in charge of the organizing of the evening Lenten supper on February 28.  Other LWML members are invited to help with the serving and clean up.

  • The topic of new counters in the kitchen was discussed. LWML is willing to do a fundraiser to pay for the counters.


  • Our TLC Women’s Retreats have been a success and we plan to continue them.  It was decided that we have a Spring Retreat with a focus on “Caring for Ourselves” Bible Study.   The Fall Retreat focus will be “Caring for Others” and we will be involved with service projects.  Dates and locations to be announced. 

  • We have exciting ideas for a Mother/Daughter Banquet.  Date will depend on the speaker’s availability.

  • To brighten up our Fellowship Hall, LWML is going to have seasonal decorations on the tables. 

Melissa Barrett is doing a Valentine theme.

Rina Walker volunteered to create an Easter theme.

Kathy Milligan volunteered to create a summer theme. Mark your calendars for our next meeting---February 18 at 8:15 AM.

 Closing Prayer.

 Submitted by Ellie Menz