LWML Minutes April 15, 2018

Ellie Menz opened the meeting with a prayer and devotions using booklets entitled “Be Still and Know”.Please bring your booklets to the next meeting.

Alana Curnyn reported that there is $1,351.33 in the treasury.March mites totaling $43.15 were sent to the Boone Zone.

Group #3 will be in charge of the reception after the Reaffirmation service on April 29th.Six reaffirmed members will be honored.A cake will be ordered for the event.

Group #2 will be in charge of the Graduation reception on May 20th.We have four seniors that will be honored.Lois will invite the graduates.

Group #1 will be in charge of organizing an appreciation reception during Lutheran Half Hour in honor of Pastor Martens’ 10th anniversary of his ordination. 

There was discussion about the Mother Daughter Banquet that was held April 7th.There were 101 mothers, daughters, granddaughters, aunts and friends in attendance with a program called “Children of Light” presented by Angela Naeve. All agreed that it was a great success and that we try to do it again in a couple years.

Ellie invited all who are interested to attend an IOWAY outreach at Moulton Elementary School on April 21 from 8:00 am to noon.

A Thank You reception for Lois Brant as she retires from her volunteer coordinator position will be hosted by the Elders on Sunday, April 22nd during Lutheran Half Hour.

Margaret Martens will be our delegate to the LWML Convention at Camp Okoboji on June 28-30.We will pay $150 for her registration.Everyone is welcome to attend.

On Sunday, July 8th the church service will be held at Spring Lake followed by a potluck, free skating and other activities.The service will be at the west shelter house at 10:30 am.The service and activities will be used as an outreach to other campers at Spring Lake.

On July 23rd, Trinity youth under the direction of Dave and Rita Pedersen will be hosting a meal for Ragbrai as a fundraiser for Youth Conferences.Trent Giersdorf will be making pulled pork for the meal.

Ellie invited anyone that’s interested to register to go to Pasadena December 28 – January 4 to work on the Lutheran Hour float.Openings are limited.There are $500 grants available through WISHES.

Other dates to remember:

  • July 29 – Gary Thies from Mission Central will be at TLC

  • August 5 – Missionary Gaugert will be at TLC at 5:00

  • August 10 -12 – Omaha Mission trip to pro-life center and helping with homeless outreach

  • September 16 – TLC Women’s Fall Retreat.  Margaret Martens will be the topic leader. 

  • September 30 – TLC Fall Festival

Thank you to Trisha Easton for providing refreshments.Our next meeting will be may 20th at 8:15 AM. Connie Carstens will provide refreshments.

Submitted by Alana Curnyn