LWML Minutes

May 19, 2018

After setting up the Fellowship Hall for the graduation reception, Ellie Menz opened the meeting with devotions using our “Be Still and Know” booklets. Please bring your booklets to the next meeting.
Alana Curnyn reported that there is $1,156.29 in the treasury. April mites were $15.31.
Group 3 was in charge of the Reaffirmation reception on April 29, Group 2 is in charge of the Graduation reception today, and Group 1 will be in charge of the reception for Pastor Martens’ as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of his Ordination on June 10th.
All ladies of Trinity will be helping with the Father’s Day Breakfast on June 17th. We will be serving egg casseroles, ham, fruit and muffins.
Ellie reported that Robin Consier is in Haiti until May 22 and that the dresses and shorts that were made by Trinity members are also now in Haiti. Special thank you to the members of Trinity for their support of Robin’s trip. She received enough to cover her trip and expenses.
Volunteers are needed for 2 hour shifts to help man the Trinity booth at the Bell Tower Festival on June 8 and 9. We will be offering free Bibles, children’s devotional books, crosses, coloring books, crayons, etc. for a local mission outreach. Some of the items will be purchased with donations totaling $1,435 that were received after last Sunday’s service. Gary and Lois Higgins have volunteered a tent and tables and chairs from the church will be used.
LWML District Convention is June 28-30 at Camp Okoboji. Margaret Martens is our delegate. We will be collecting items for the mission ingathering.
Volunteers are needed to help pass out flyers to Spring Lake campers on Saturday, July 7 to invite them to join us for church, potluck and skating on Sunday, July 8. We will leave the church at 2:00 on Saturday. We have permission from the ‘Park Ranger’. The service will be at 10:30 followed by a potluck and free skating for anyone who wishes to participate. The west shelter house is reserved. Free skating including skates will be from 12:30 to 2:30. Canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, etc. are $5 per 30 minutes (individual’s expense)
Church council has asked if LWML would be interested in providing pies for the RAGBRAI meal on July 23rd. It was decided to purchase frozen pies from Fareway and bake them at the church during the 2 days before RAGBRAI is in Jefferson.
Thank you to Connie Carstens for providing refreshments. Janie Hertel will be providing refreshments for our next meeting on June 17.
Upcoming events:
July 29: 8:30 Congregational Breakfast and Gary Thies (Mission Central) speaking at church/ Bible class
August 5: Meal and Missionary Gaugert sharing his ministry in Togo and West Africa
September 30: Family Fall Festival at Seven Hills Park
November 17: Assemble Mercy Meals in Sioux City
Submitted by Alana Curnyn


LWML Minutes for July 15, 2018

Our meeting opened with prayer led by Ellie.

The Treasury Report was not available, however, two receipts were presented: a check for $150 from Slininger’s and a check for $50 for the refund of the deposit on the west shelter house at Spring Lake. Three bills were presented: tablecloths purchased by Sue Rieder, drinks purchased by Kathy Milligan for the service held at Spring Lake, and a “secret” gift purchased by Margaret Martens for the LWML convention.

Margaret Martens thanked the group for the privilege of attending the 2018 Iowa District West LWML Convention, and then gave a report on the convention. It was an inspiring convention, with many highlights for her. Please see her written report for more information. In particular, Margaret mentioned the Bible Study, led by Jan Wendorf, who served as National LWML President from 2007-2011. Jan recommends reading through the Bible using the Today’s Light periodical which is published by CPH. TLC has extra copies of the periodical for anyone interested. Margaret also reminded the group that the 2020 convention will be hosted by the Boone and Carroll Zones.

Pat Benitz reported that she and Pat Ruhnke  enjoyed attending the July 7th Quilt Auction at Camp Okiboji. It was hard to predict what the quilts might bring, or what motivated the bidders!! J

The July 8th Spring Lake service and potluck was considered a success! Invitations were distributed to campers on Saturday afternoon by Carol Christensen, Pat Griffin, Denny Goshon, Craig Hertel and Ellie. An estimated 70 people attended the service Sunday and enjoyed a potluck afterwards, along with water balloons, croquet, roller skating and kayaking!

Preparations for RAGBRAI were discussed. The Youth Group will serve a meal of pulled pork or loin sandwiches, baked beans and coleslaw for $6.00.  LWML will serve pie and ice cream for dessert for $3.00. The majority of the 80 pies have been baked and are in the freezer.  More workers are still needed to help serve from 6-8 p.m. and to help clean up.  Thanks to all who have contributed or helped with this effort. Also, Trinity will house a group of 70 bikers from Cedar Rapids who have donated $500 for use of the church and grounds for their RAGBRAI stay. The bike group will help with clean up after our meal.

Lois Brant mentioned that we have been contacted by Perry Lutheran Home, requesting that we provide a program for August 14 at 2 p.m.  Lois offered to serve as a lead for the program but asked for volunteers to help her.

Other upcoming events were discussed:

  • Gary Thies, from Mission Central, will be speaking at church and Bible Class on July 29th. LWML will host a congregational breakfast before church, to allow more time to visit with Gary. It was decided that we would plan for a “light” breakfast of muffins and fruit for an estimated 25 guests. Sue Rieder, Liz Grahm and Trisha Easton volunteered to provide food items.
  • Members were encouraged to attend Mission Central on August 4th, to hear a presentation from one of the missionaries supported by TLC, Missionary Rickman and his family, and to also tour the Creation Museum.
  • Another missionary supported by TLC, Pastor Jacob Gaugert, will give a presentation Sunday evening, August 5th. The group liked the idea of providing salads and chicken from Hyvee for the event.
  • The annual TLC LWML retreat is planned for September 16th, with Margaret Martens as the presenter. It was decided to hold the retreat at the Gallup House, recognizing access and parking may be difficult for some members.  We should consider providing transportation from church for those interested, or in need.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Janie Hertel